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Fairy Tale Fusion

Welcome to Fairy Tale Fusion.

Where things get messy in the Riding Hood.

What if the characters in Fairy Tales existed? What if they lived and breathed in a place called Fairyland, a setting not too divergent from our world, situated next to Wonderland and down the lane from Camelot? 

Meet Detective Piper, member of the Fairyland Metro Police. His job, to ferret out the suspects and investigate crime on the streets and in the lanes of Fairyland. Along with Officer Simon, he’s hard at work, searching for a missing pumpkin, hunting for an arsonist, wondering what the future holds in a series of crystal ball robberies, and dealing with spells, curses and other strange happenings. 

His cases, and others like them, are the headlines of the day, brought to you by FTN news anchors Spider Bramble and Aurora Gossamer, with entertainment correspondent Lucinda Lovedust and reporter Chip Charming. Keep up-to-date on the latest information out of Fairyland and its adjacent suburbs, and the recent hubbub with trolls, princesses, fairies and their ilk.  

And after leaving Fairyland, you’ll journey to a place where toys are born… to be bad.  When spells go wrong and playthings turn mean, where clown dolls would kill to meet you and a Rubik’s cube holds a cosmic secret. 

If you survive the toy box, then head out to party with some elves (if you can outlast the celebration), battle in a far, far away galaxy, play “find the dragon”, and discover how they do crime and punishment in Oz. 

And remember, always be nice to your Fairy Godmother.


Available at Amazon, Smashwords and other online retailers.


Mechanized Masterpieces

 Mechanized Masterpieces: A Steampunk Anthology

Amid a cacophony of cranking sprockets and cogs, in chuffs of steam and soot, comes the expansion of classic literature into alternative Steampunk masterpieces. Follow nine skilled authors as they lead old friends and new acquaintances through Jamaica, Singapore, Cape Town, Denmark, Paris, London, and Geneva on a phantasmagorical Steampunk World Tour.

Tropic of Cancer: Edward Rochester battles the elements and Bertha Mason to save his brother and his own soul.

Sense and Cyborgs: Privateer Margaret Dashwood makes port at Singapore to get her husband back on his feet.

Micawber and Copperfield: Wilkins Micawber and David Copperfield create a legacy of loyalty in the Royal Dirigible Corps.

Little Boiler Girl: Power has a price, and one city unwittingly demands an enslaved child pay it.

The Clockwork Ballet: At the Palais Garnier, the Phantom trips the light fantastic with Meg Giry, the prima ballerina of his mechanical troupe.

His Frozen Heart: Jacob Marley saves Ebenezer Scrooge from robbing his wife’s grave and selling his soul.

Our Man Fred: Scrooge’s nephew, Fred, and his fiancé, Mary, protect the Empire from mechanized malfeasance.

Lavenza, or the Modern Galatea: Victor Frankenstein’s bride discovers more than his horrific experiments on her wedding day.


Contibuting Authors: Alyson Grauer, Anika Arrington, A. F. Stewart, Aaron and Belinda Sikes, David W. Wilkin, Megan Wiseman, Neve Talbot, and Scott William Taylor.


Available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble

Now available, my third book of poetry:


 Reflections of Poetry:

Travel through a mirror image into the imaginative world of verse and discover this distinct collection of poetry.

Reflections of Poetry is the third book of poetry by author A. F. Stewart, and contains a diverse selection of verse, structured under the headings of Scotland, My Scotland, Irish Ramblings, Celtic Influences, The Moon, The Sea, Art, Nature, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Wonder, Human Emotions, In the Shadow of Death, Humour, and Miscellaneous Musings. It is an assortment of personal thoughts on a wide variety of subjects that inspired the author and is an expression of her view of the world.



Author Biography:


I'm from Nova Scotia, Canada and I have been practicing the craft of writing for several years, periodically interrupted by pesky events from life.  I am an independently published author, with an overly creative mind and an active imagination.  My main focus is in the fantasy and horror genres, with an avid interest in history and mythology, themes I often work into my books and stories. 

My interests include writing and reading (of course), history, sci-fi and fantasy, and painting.  I love movies, especially action films and I collect sword replicas.

I have several published books including my third volume of poetry, Reflections of Poetry, a paranormal romance/horror novella, Gothic Cavalcade, the dark fantasy novella, Ruined City, a horror novella, Chronicles of the Undead, the short fiction collections, Killers and Demons, Once Upon a Dark and Eerie..., Passing Fancies and Inside Realms, two volumes of dark poetry and non-fiction action movie guides.  All my books can be found at online retailers like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, iTunes, Lulu.com and Smashwords.

Some of my upcoming books include the short fiction collection, Fractured Fairy Tales and Other Storiesthe next book in my Incomplete series, The Incomplete Guide to Monster Extermination,  and the first book in a steampunk fantasy series, The Duke's Assassin.



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